When you start questioning your way of life, it’s easy to feel like an outsider in your own community, and even your own family and friends’ circle. You wonder how you didn’t know about these things before, and what took you so long to get here. You question what else is there to know? And you wonder why others around you are not interested in hearing about your findings or getting as excited as you are about changing their ways.

Sound familiar?

That’s exactly where I found myself over a decade ago. And even though it can be a hard place to be, I’m happy to say that the journey is worth it.

Hi! I’m Angélica

I’ve been on a quest of self-discovery and how my actions impact other beings on this planet and the world as a whole.

After learning about animal cruelty in the food industry, I became curious as to what else in my life was simply an automated action based on “the way things had always been done”, rather than a conscious one. And so my journey to living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle began.

As an avid researcher and always curious about how to improve current processes, I have accumulated vast knowledge and resources on how to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle that still allows me to live a comfortable and luxurious life. Therefore I want to make it easy for those who are transitioning to a vegan and sustainable lifestyle, to find the resources they need to make the process easy, fun and rewarding.

At Green Luxury Living, we stand for:

Ethical Living

Animal Rights & Vegan Values

Compassionate Choices

Intentional Actions

Perpetual Learning

Beauty and Luxury

Updated Traditions

Planned Details



Quality over Quantity

Simple Pleasures

Community & Support

Systemic Change

Responsible Travel

Human Rights




Organization & Simplicity

Slow Living

Sustainable Elegance

Mind, Body & Soul Wellness

Science & Facts



Home & Family


Official Bio

Angélica is the founder and content creator at Green Luxury Living™.

What started as a blog about green living in style, flourished into an online community and a learning space for curious minds and inspiring conversations.

Green Luxury Living has expanded to offer Vegan Hospitality Consulting Services for hospitality establishments, to help them better serve the vegan (and vegan curious) guest, while maximizing their profits.

As a Vegan Hospitality Consultant, Angélica helps hospitality establishments create an environment where the vegan customer feels seen in all aspects of their experience. 

Whether it’s reviewing menus and offerings, providing kitchen and service training for food establishments, or evaluating meetings, events and conference offerings to make sure activities and products are vegan-friendly, Angélica helps hospitality businesses reach their goals of attracting (and retaining) vegan customers for years to come while increasing their profits.

As part of Angélica’s commitment to creating a more sustainable world, her services encompass waste reduction and eco-friendly products as much as possible.

Green Luxury Living also donates one tree to Trees for the Future with each client project.

Angélica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and her experience expands from business management and marketing, to conference and event planning, and training in High Impact Hospitality Consulting™.

Some of her offerings are available online, or locally in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and surrounding areas.

More About Me


I was born and raised in Southern Brazil, but now have lived longer in the United States than my country of origin, currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and son, dog and cats!

I’m a vegan foodie, love to travel, entertain at home, learn new languages (I speak 3 so far: Portuguese, English and Spanish), experience a culture from the local’s point of view, and explore architecture and history.

I believe in meeting people exactly where they are in their journey, without judgment or pressure. 

I’m big on details, and I strive to create beauty in everything I do.

I find that simple pleasures are just as important as the big celebrations, and I believe in wearing the new outfit, using the good china on a weeknight, and taking time to slow down often.

 I’ve been vegan since 2010 after learning about the treatment of chickens in egg production, and never looked back! 

I love the sound of my son’s laugh, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the feel of a cozy blanket as I curl up on the couch with a good book, the view of the river from the shore, the taste of a flaky, warm pastry. Oh, and salsa dancing.

I care deeply about people, animals, and our planet. It may sound Utopian but I do believe that we can all learn to live together, lifting each other up, cheering for our successes, striving for compassion and empathy in everything we do and with everyone we meet.


I believe in living my most fabulous life, while simultaneously being kind to fellow humans, animals, and the planet.

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